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Do not Read This If Your Happy With Your Digital Camera


If you have a brand new digital camera, or even an older camera that is still doing the job, then there's no good reason for you to read any further. If however, your not happy with your existing camera, or maybe your shopping for your first digital camera, then your in the right place. Of course, if your one of those people who can not help themselves, and just buy digital cameras as a hobby, then feel free to read on. I'm sure there are a few tidbits in here your going to enjoy.

I saw a video about six months, that I'm sure many of you saw as well. It featured a demo of very sophisticated and futuristic touch screen technology that Microsoft was pushing. I think it was a Popular Mechanics video. Anyway, one of the things in the video they could do, was to set a digital camera down on a coffee table, that had a built in touch screen attached to a computer. The computer could wirelessly download the pictures off the camera, and allow the user to move the images around on the coffee table, like they were real pictures. I thought, it was on of those few moments where technology combined seamlessly with a human being in a totally natural way. Truly remarkable.

One of the underlying technologies at work here was the wireless technology between the camera and the computer. I loved the idea of ​​not having to fiddle with find the correct USB cable to connect to my camera just to download photos. What I do not understand, is how the wireless camera concept does not really seem to have taken off. I know there are some that have it. But you would think that with the proliferation of wireless technology in everyone's home, that every camera sold these days would have it.

I know, that if I was buying a new camera these days, that it's something I would want. ESPecially considering that there are at least four digital cameras floating around my place these days, and I can never seem to find the right USB cable at the right time for the right camera. But, that's just me.



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