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Features of Point and Shoot Nikon Digital Cameras


Point and shoot Nikon digital cameras are very popular photography enthusiasts. Some of the best qualities of this type of a digital camera are small size, lightweight, easy usability and pocket-friendship. There are some exclusive features of point and shoot cameras that attract many buyers. Some of the commonly found features of point and shoot digi cams are explained below:

  • Higher Megapixels: In layman's terms, higher the megapixel of camera, better is the quality of pictures. If you just want to view your photos on computer and send them across to your friends and family through email, then you would not need a higher megapixel cam. For printing larger sized photos or portraits, cameras with higher megapixel, such as Nikon Coolpix 5400 digital camera, are better. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that photos with more megapixels would need more computer space.
  • Different Modes For Taking Pictures: Nikon digital cameras come with built-in screen modes that let you customize the pictures that you take. If you want to take photos of your child running on his sports day, there is a sports mode which sets the internal setting of the cam for taking better images of fast action. There is a Night Time mode if you want to click pictures at night or in the dark; for taking pictures of landscapes, there is a Scenic mode and for taking photos of people, there is a Portrait mode.
  • Video Shooting: Nowadays, digi cams let you shoot video in motion. That means you can record a live event, a function or some landmark moment of your life through a digi cam. However, the duration of the video depends on the memory of the camera. If you want to shoot bigger videos, you would need to increase your cam's memory by inserting an SD card.
  • Point and shoot Nikon digital cameras provide the ultimate comfort and ease of use when it comes to taking pictures. Experience the amazing features of these cameras by buying one for yourself!



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