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Is RED about to announce the primary RF mount video digicam?

Pink is an American firm (Irvine, CA). If reverse engineered and unlicensed, they’ve violated patent legal guidelines. They licensed the mount. The film homes like Canon glass.

BTW: Pink is suing Sony (nonetheless ongoing) over violating a few of it is 4K tech patents (three of them). The swimsuit (filed in 2013) calls for Sony not solely cease utilizing the tech Pink invented, but in addition destroy all cameras manufactured with it. Uh oh. ;)

“What’s attention-grabbing about this case is that patent points or licensing might be one of many causes most corporations haven’t tackled RAW compression of their movement image cameras. Canon and Arri are each sending out uncompressed RAW to third-party recorders (and avoiding recording internally altogether), and Blackmagic, Digital Bolex, Ikonoskop, and Aaton are all recording uncompressed CinemaDNG internally to SSDs. CinemaDNG is an open format from Adobe, however just lately they developed a compressed JPEG possibility for his or her stills DNG archive format. We’ll see if that finds its approach into movement cameras and if that improvement probably infringes on any RED patents.” (yr 2013 for perspective) https://nofilmschool.com/2013/02/red-ceo-jim-jannard-lawsuit-sony-raw-compression

Pink has been in 4K since 2005.

Hypothesis: Perhaps Pink and Canon are exchanging licenses? Give us your RF mount and we’ll offer you some 4K tech. Revenge by Pink? What higher strategy to destroy Pink’s (and Canon’s) nemesis? Particularly if these patents by RED are working out quickly. RED does not make lenses. RED makes mounts out there for Canon, Nikon, Leica, and ARRI PL. No Sony mount is obtainable by RED.

Sure, I’m conscious that the swimsuit has to do with film cameras however nonetheless….

So for many who say Canon may do what Sony has achieved in it is mirrorless cameras, possibly so. However possibly Canon has had bother bringing one thing to market attributable to patent points. Extra kudos to Canon for not stealing tech as RED alleges Sony to have achieved. Untwist yer pantaloons.


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