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The photography information that I have for you today is about selling stock photography. If you are going to sell your photography on the internet as stock photography you will want to know a little about negotiating licensing fees for the images that you want to sell.

Now at first it may seem a bit intimidating but it does not have to be. All you need is a few steps to simplifying the process. You will be able to easily determine a fair and justified fee and not run the risk of losing a sale.

There are basically two ways to sell your photography, first way would be that you set the price that you want for your work and the other way is when the client tells you what amount of money they are willing to pay.

Once the client sets a price it will be up to you to decide if you are willing to accept their price or if there is room for an attempt to negotiate a price that is more to your favor before you agree or disagree. Needless to say that it is very rare that the client offers to pay to much.

So what do you ask for? How can you determine a usage fee? In today's market the prices are all over the place. A lot depends on what the image is and your ability to sell your photography. It is said that the average for a stock photograph is less than $ 200 and a lot closer to $ 100, again this all depends on what the photo is about and who you sell it to.

If you have a photography niche specialty the value of your work will usually much higher than if you just take pictures of all types. Having a photography niche also will make it easy for people to find you. If the client knows what they have in mind, they will often look for the niche that the photos fall under. If you are trying to determine a niche that would have to your liking you surf other photography websites and see what is selling and where it is selling.

You will want to research further photography information and remember that just as important as the image that you sell is where you sell it. Some stock photography websites will pay you a percentage and others will pay you a flat rate.



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