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Rumored Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II specs [CR1]


You Known as?

The upcoming deal is {that a} sure multimedia firm has a 50.Three Megapixel (8192 x 6144 pixels) Medium Format digital camera that has a 56mm by 42mm 4:Three Bayer GLOBAL SHUTTER (i.e. NO MORE rolling shutter!) MF sensor that does full 50.Three megapixel stills photographs at as much as 60 fps burst fee at a user-selectable 4:4:Four or 4:2:2 at as much as 16-bits per channel color sampling (i.e. as much as 48-bit RGB and 16-bits Alpha Transparency channel or a 16-bits Topic-Distance-from-lens measurement channel) in FULL RAW or 2:1 or 3:1 compressed RAW …


it might probably do 50.Three Megapixel 4:4:4/4:2:2 intraframe compressed stills utilizing JPEG-2000 (Wavelet) compression and do DCI 8K video (8192 by 4320 pixels which is a Cinema 1.89:1 facet ratio) at Wavelet JPEG-2000 Intraframe, FULL and Compressed RAW or use Interframe compressed video utilizing MP4/H.264/H.265 codecs at as much as a full 60 fps 4:4:4/4:2:2 as much as 16-bits ber RGB + A/D channel or report at DCI 4K (4096 by 2160 pixels) at as much as 240 fps OR report 2048 by 1080 pixel at as much as 960 fps!

For decrease resolutions, there’s a user-selectable Downsample-from-Full-Space of Picture Sensor mode or use easy crop mode! A number of cinema, nonetheless photograph and broadcast video facet ratios and resolutions are built-in with NO EXTRA codec licence charges! There’s additionally a built-in multi-step impartial density filter, in-body and in-lens stabilization system, newly re-designed multi-type FAST auto-focusing system with human-face and animal-face Eye detection, focus factors that cowl the ENTIRE display screen space, Consumer-loadable LOOKUP tables and BUILT-IN hot-swappable SSD Arduous Drives permitting for at present TWO 4-Terabyte storage media in RAID format for max safety (i.e. simultaneous writing) or sequential writing (for lengthy recording instances), CLEAN 8K 60 fpsd 4:4:Four HDMI and DisplayPort outputs and onboard USB-Three port for Metadata and exterior photograph/video storage. Two XQD-card slots for high-speed lower-resolution proxy imagery and/or additional security of stills/video streams.

The digital camera has a swivelling ergonomic handgrip, a swivelling excessive megapixel OLED full-menu-selectable touchscreen appropriate for vLogging and Selfies (physique is a tad heavy although for holding with a single hand – higher work out these arms!), full digital GLOBAL SHUTTER, excessive pixel sensitivity because it’s photosites are about 6.eight microns which is somewhat bigger than a Canon 1Dx Mk2’s (6.58 microns) photosites and the brand new digital camera has one of many longest-lasting batteries within the enterprise for all day use!

Lenses will NOT be low-cost as a result of most of the primes are VERY FAST at f/1.2 or f/1.Four and the upcoming zooms are quicker than Canon equivalents. Lens and optical parts are ALL designed in Germany with some lens optical parts additionally manufactured in Germany with last meeting in Japan. Weatherproof and DESIGNED for out of doors/indoor Sports activities/Motion/Wildlife nonetheless photograph/video fans, this digital camera and it is lenses is the FIRST Medium Format mixed Stills/Video ruggedized pro-level digital camera at a value level of about $10,000 US for the physique!

THAT is what’s coming actual quickly now ….

They went ALL OUT on this FLAGSHIP MF Mixed Stills/Video digital camera AND WAIT till you see the upcoming 2/3rds inch and APS-C large-sensor 50.Three megapixel picture sensor, 4K DCI decision display screen IP-68 RUGGED and waterproof super-smartphones from the SAME firm! ….. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The MF digital camera and the large-sensor super-smartphones are MADE FOR pro-level cinema/broadcast video recording AND pro-level stills pictures! The producer went ALL OUT on these three gadgets and so they do not care what it does to their very own or anybody else’s product line. The engineering and design administration workforce specified they’re making CATEGORY KILLERS for cinema and smartphones at value factors which are extra than simply affordable for what you get! They don’t care WHAT these merchandise do to their different product strains! They now have really OUTSTANDING Bang-for-the-Buck specs and last picture high quality and so they need the entire imaging markets to themselves from the low finish to the excessive finish utilizing the smallest product line doable!

In my view, the MF digital camera is totally THE EQUAL OF an Arri Alexa-65 and Part-One by way of picture high quality and color science in a smaller and extra ergonomic kind issue! The massive-sensor super-smartphones are BMPCC 4k digital camera killers whereas nonetheless permitting you to make/obtain telephones calls/texts/electronic mail, run no matter apps you want AND play video games or do different net duties on the finish of your capturing day!

And it is ALL coming quickly to a digital camera and on-line retailer close to you!

Terrific digital camera, unquestionable. So than, when will the Digicam be launched? IBC 2030 or NAB 2035 if ever..?


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