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The Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro is a Profoto B10 competitor for 1/3rd the price: Digital Photography Review

Adorama’s house brand Flashpoint has formally announced the much-anticipated XPLOR 300 Pro. The 300W/s battery-powered monolight, which is a rebranded version of the Godox AD 300 Pro, is available starting today for $499.

As its name alludes to, the CPLOR 300 Pro offers 300W/s of power with nine stops of control, a minimum flash duration between 1/220 and 1/11490, a recycle time between 0.01 and 1.5 seconds depending on the power level and a 2,600Ah battery that can fire off up to 320 max-power flashes on a single charge. The light also features a bi-color 12W LED modeling light, TTL metering, high-speed sync up to 1/8000th of a second and a 328-foot range when used with Flashpoint’s R2 Pro Mark II trigger.

The XPLOR 300 Pro measures in at 19cm (7.48”) long, and 10cm (3.94”) in diameter, and weighs just 1.25kg (2.76lbs). It comes with a Bowens S-Type bracket, but Flashpoint also offers a number of adapters for mounting lighting modifiers from Broncolor, Elinchrom and Profoto.

Below is an overview video of the Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro from Adorama:

As is the case for many of Flashpoint and Godox products, the XPLOR 300 Pro is meant to be a direct competitor to Profoto’s more expensive 250W/s B10 monolight, which retails for $1,695—more than three times the price. You won’t get all of the extra controls or fine-tuning the B10 offers, but for less than 1/3rd the price, Flashpoint drives a hard bargain.

The Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro is currently available to purchase at Adorama for $499 and comes with the monolight, a single rechargeable Li-Ion battery, the flashtube, a charger with a power adapter, a basic reflector, a protective cap and a case to carry it all in. While the light is also sold as the Godox AD 300 Pro, the Flashpoint unit carries a two-year warranty when purchased in the United States through Adorama.


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